We serve as a liaison between our clients and the construction community. We are advocates for all qualified businesses that want to apply for PQNext business opportunities. We are stewards who disseminate information and offer direction to local, state, and regional contractors and their communities to ensure business opportunities in construction.


What We Do – In conjunction with municipality, state, federal, and private sector client, we identify, recruit, and retain qualified small, minority, and female owned businesses that want to participate in capital improvement programs. We open capital improvement contracting opportunities from the City to all businesses regardless of race, gender or ethnicity to create an equal opportunity marketplace and workforce.

Worlds of innovation

PROQUA Corp. knows the added value of integrating and including small, minority, and female owned firm participation in municipality, state, federal, and private sector capital improvement programs.

Project Accounting & Controls 

If your company is just interested in cutting costs then a Project Accountants can provide the administration necessary for your project, but if you want administration as well as analysis of how your project is performing, PROQUA experienced Project Controls person will provide the necessary information and analysis that will pay their wages many times over in cost savings and assist in protecting your company from repetitional loss and schedule slippage.


✔️ Craft market driven packaging strategies that promote joint ventures and subcontracting opportunities.

✔️ Foster smaller package deployment which enable small, minority, and female owned company participation.

✔️ Empower small, minority, and female owned firms that have been certified through minority empowerment programs.

✔️ Conduct field monitoring and reporting including Davis Bacon wage rates.

✔️ Serve as the premier community outreach, technical assistance and training source for construction and engineering opportunities.

✔️ Support job creation in the construction and engineering industry.

✔️ Promote diversity as a culture for success


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