Frequently asked questions

Who We Are

PROQUA Corporation was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Augusta, GA. We offer
construction management, integrated project delivery methods, facility maintenance, and
consulting services. Our work also includes, federal, state, local, and private construction.

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, PQ is involved in all phases of construction from pre-construction to
contract closeout. The owner or developer has more involvement than under a General
Construction Contract as they are responsible for identifying design priorities, awarding and
holding all contracts, providing project funding, approving change orders, subcontractors and
suppliers and identifying design priorities.

With the experience and input of PQ as your Construction Manager, we will assist and advise in
all of the above activities as well architect/engineer/contractor selections, provide cost estimates
and value engineering, prepare and oversee the master schedule, bid packaging/procurement and
permits, full-time on-site project and safety management, budget and change order management,
monthly reporting, punch lists and post construction follow-up.

PQ will provide these comprehensive services from the earliest planning stages right through
final project closeout. We tailor our services and staff to meet the needs and budget of our
clients, while providing the highest level of service in the most effective and cost efficient

Integrated Project Delivery

PQ management team is striving to be on the cutting edge of industry transformative
developments in design and construction, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). BIM is the use of parametric, intelligent databases that not
only can use 3D design tools to characterize existing architectural and engineering design, but
can be used to explore and manage the construction process, energy optimization, sustainable
construction, cost, and facility management. IPD is a new model for team building and risk
allocation among the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor to align interests as a means of
achieving project success.

Our services offered:

· Consultation regarding use of IPD and BIM

· Lead IPD Workshops pre-contract and for contract negotiation

· Serve as program manager to the client assisting the project team in managing IPD project

 · Facility Maintenance – includes keeping spaces, structures, and infrastructure in proper
operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipate fashion to prevent failure and/or

Project Control vs. Project Accounting

Project Controls is not just a job title but a multi discipline project function encompassing project
strategy, estimating, schedule, risk, contracts analysis, budget analysis and performance
measurement.   Effective Project Controls provides an early warning system on the project based
on known and unknown parameters and allows for proactive and relevant decision making by
management to affect the project outcome.

A person fulfilling all of the functions of Project Controls will use financial data as a metric
(including cost and time) in conjunction with physical progress measurement to determine the
real cost position on a project in relation to the original plan.  This, along with identified trends,
will help determine the estimate at completion project cost.

In Contrast, a Project Accountant will use financial data purely as an amount spent or incurred to
date with the forecast completion cost generally being the budget (including variations) – or
determined by predicted spend.  A Project Controls person will, more importantly, use this data
to highlight to management potential overruns before they occur and risks and potential
mitigation in order to control the outcome.  A Project Accountant would typically only report
over runs as they occur.

Project Controls professionals are multi-faceted and multi-disciplined, delving into all aspects of
the project, asking questions, seeking answers and analyzing information. PROQUA effective
Project Controls professional is able to understand the potential impacts and risks on a project –
from Commercial Terms, delivery delays, procurement lead times, schedule delays, design over
runs, wet weather, scope creep and more. PROQUA can provide mitigation strategies to Project
Management teams based on the identified risks.  A Project Accountant however does not have
or want this visibility as this is seen as Project Management’s responsibility.

We are all working in tough economic times. As project margins narrow, a trend is to remove or
replace Project Controls professionals and measurements from projects and replace them with
junior cost or finance personnel in order to reduce project overheads.  With Project Managers
forced to rely on gathering information and controlling the projects themselves along with all
other aspects of Project Management, potential risks and over runs on projects are being
identified later which makes it more difficult to mitigate the consequences.  The potential
outcome is greater damage to profitability and company reputation.

If your company is just interested in cutting costs then Project Accountants can provide the
administration necessary for your project, but if you want administration as well as analysis of
how your project is performing, PROQUA experienced Project Controls professional will
provide the necessary information and analysis that will pay their wages many times over in cost
savings and assist in protecting your company from reputational loss and schedule slippage.


· H236210: Industrial Building Construction
· 236220: Commercial/Institutional Building
· 237110: Water & Sewer Line Construction

· 237310: Highway, Street, and Bridge
· 238110: Poured Concrete Foundation/Structure
· 238220: Plumbing/HVAC
· 238990: All other specialty trade contractors
· 541512: Computer Systems Design Services
· 541611: Administrative/General Management and Consulting Services


· HubZone Certified
·  Small Disadvantage Business (SDB)
· 8(a) Certification (Applying for in the 1 st Qtr. Of 2017)
· Pre-Qualified Contractor – Georgia Dept. of Transportation
(Applying for in the 4th Qtr. of 2017)

Special Trainings

·  Input

 · 40 Hour OSHA Certified


Are you hiring?

· PROQUA Corporation (PQ) recruits, hires, develops and supports talented individuals
dedicated to enhancing not only the PROQUA Corp, but also the communities in which
we all live, work and play. Our diverse team of professionals bring a wealth of
experience, knowledge, and innovation to our firm’s core business groups.

Estimators, Project Managers, and Design Engineers; please feel free to forward your
resume for future hiring consideration.

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  • 1827 Killingsworth Road Augusta, GA 30904